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Bluestar Security & Cabling have been installing security systems in homes and businesses for many years.

We can support your security through Alarm Systems, CCTV Systems, as well as advanced 24/7 Security Monitoring. Working with some of the most well-regarded brands, we offer a complete range of security systems, customised to your specific safety and budget requirements.

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Alarm Systems

A home invasion happens around every three minutes in Australia, and WA has the highest break-in rate in the nation. With a secure alarm system, you can sleep well and travel easy, keeping you, your family, and your valuables, safe.

Our alarm systems come with support manuals and an induction to teach you how to use them. We also offer ongoing support which enables us to keep your systems up-to-date and running as efficiently as possible, maximising the safety of your home or workplace. Put safety first and invest in the security of your home.

CCTV Systems

A CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) system is used to monitor, prevent, and deter unwanted intruders and vandals around the home or business. Recorded or live footage can be accessed remotely via a computer, smartphone, or tablet. Footage can be used for general supervision, and the data can be valuable if an incident occurs.

Our team use a variety of CCTV systems designed to suit different applications. In fact, we specialise in the entire CCTV process, from the initial scope, right through to installation and maintenance. The systems we work with include manufacturer and installation warranties, offering peace of mind and value for money. We also include support, training, and operational manuals with all systems.

Security Monitoring

Bluestar Security & Cabling can provide a Perth based 24-hour monitoring service. This will monitor your home or business around the clock, giving your alarm system an additional layer of protection by sending data and footage of your property to a 24-hour control centre.

Security monitoring provides peace of mind for homeowners, or property managers, that spend time away from the premises. Even if you don’t have a land line, our 24/7 security monitoring service can monitor your alarm via a GPRS system. If anything unusual occurs, specialist monitoring staff will notify you in an attempt to mediate any foreseeable implications.

For your peace of mind.

We firmly believe in providing a holistic service. We want our customers to feel safe and secure emotionally, and of course, with the services that we offer. That’s why our installers are experienced, friendly, and highly trained. Our team hold current Security Licences, which includes a Police Check, to add an extra layer of comfort for our clients.

All of the products Bluestar Security & Cabling work with meet the latest Australian standards. Every system comes with a manufacturer’s warranty and a guarantee of quality installation and workmanship.

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